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INSURANCE Agents for Guardian Group Insurance Limited offering protection for you and your property from a variety of risks. Our solutions range from motor (car) insurance, house insurance and property protection to personal accident cover, travel insurance and more. Here are some of the services that we can offer you, so that you can live easy.

Personal Insurance

Guardian General Insurance Limited helps to protect you and your property from a variety of risks. Our solutions range from motor (car) insurance, house insurance and property protection to personal accident cover, travel insurance and more.

Guardian General’s Private Motor Car Policy, MOTORGUARD®, is especially designed for the drivers of today. It is versatile enough to provide coverage for Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive.

The crumbs in your toaster start a fire in your kitchen… Little Suzy from next door falls out of the tree house in your backyard…

When the unexpected happens make sure you are covered with Guardian General’s HomeGuard policies.

Homeowners Insurance provides coverage for the following:

  • Building(s)
  • Contents
  • Specified Personal Items
  • Personal Computers
  • Liability to domestic Employees and to the Public

Personal injury causes hardship both to your person and to your pocket. Our Personal Accident policy provides specified benefits for death, loss of limb or sight or speech or hearing or permanent or temporary disablement where such injury is caused by violent external and visible means.

Provides cover during your trip for:

  • Baggage and/or personal effects
  • Medical and other expenses (age limit 75 years), including hospital fees, additional accommodation for another person required to stay with you, irrecoverable charges for unused accommodation and costs of conveying your body or ashes home.
  • Personal accident benefits for bodily injury resulting in disablement (from 5 to 75 years)
  • Money/travel tickets lost
  • Loss of deposits on unused accommodation or cancellation
  • Compensation for hijacking when you are unable to reach your destination

Your boat is one of your most prized possessions and therefore you should ensure that it is properly protected against unforeseen circumstances. Our Yacht and Pleasure Craft Policy does just that.

For vessels used strictly for private pleasure purposes, it provides coverage for:

  • Loss or damage to your boat, as well as outboard motors and other accessories caused by almost any type of loss as specified. Some main ones are collisions, fire, theft or sinking.
  • Sums for which you may become legally liable to pay, such as bodily injury to another person and/or damage to any other vessel or property, and arising out of accidents occurring during the period for which your vessel is insured (subject to an agreed limit).

Marine Cargo

Provides cover for loss of or damage to Goods (cargo) being transported to/from various countries by approved vessels and/or by air from warehouse to warehouse.

Business Insurance

Protecting your business interests is a critical part of what you do everyday. Guardian General Insurance Limited can help protect you from business risks including fire, liability, contract works and more.

Guardian General Fire and Special Perils Policy allows you to recoup your losses quickly and efficiently. Wide ranging coverage for any eventuality gives you added protection and security.

This policy protects your financial interests in commercial property – buildings, stocks, plant and machinery, office equipment and other contents.

Traditional “Peril” covers are available. These include Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood, Riot and Strike, Malicious Damage, Impact Damage, Aircraft Damage, Burst Pipes and other specified miscellaneous perils. Any combination of “Perils” can be accommodated.

Our “ALL RISKS” policy for commercial property provides additional protection against Accidental Loss arising out of any peril NOT EXCLUDED by the policy.

 You can easily find yourself one day being sued by a third party for bodily injury or property damage. As such, you must ensure that you adequately insure your liabilities in the event that one of these risks does materialize.

Guardian General provides a range of Liability Insurances – from Public Liability and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance (cumpulsory by law) to Employer’s Liability Insurance.

The Contract Works Policy covers the obligations imposed on the contractor by the contract conditions. These contract conditions are often laid down in the standard form of building contractors. The general pattern of these contracts is to make the contractor responsible for loss or damage to the Works in certain circumstances and to require him to insure that responsibility under a policy satisfactory to the employer. Either the contractor or the principal can insure the contract works under a policy of insurance.

The cover incepts from the commencement of work and is terminated either on the handing over of works to the principal or at the expiry date of the policy, which ever is earlier.

A necessary part of business involves collecting and transporting money. Our policy covers against loss of money during and outside business hours, whilst in transit, at homes of authorized persons as well as damage to safes or strong rooms.

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